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Technology for people

SCHLUESSELBAUER’S company philosophy “Technology for People” is expressed by the way we think and work.

We implement, together with our customers, worldwide state-of-the-art systems for the strategic supply of drinking water, as well as collectors for waste and storm water.

We work closely with our customers and we consider them partners. With our highly efficient, resource-friendly processes, our partners manufacture high-quality concrete products for various pipeline applications, such as water mains, storm drain and wastewater mains.

The employees at Schluesselbauer care daily and personally to ensure reliable workmanship that warrants the success of our partners.

We embrace social, technological and economic changes as challenges and we actively strive to develop our own technology in order to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements.

All our efforts aim to ensure  robust and reliable freshwater and wastewater infrastructures which are the basis of a pleasant and intact environment and a high quality of living.